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UWP 102J

UWP 102J: Writing in Fine Arts

Winter 2017

Course Information | Course Syllabus

Essay #1: Multimodal Autobiography

Essay #2: Review of a Performance

Essay #3: Bloomian Analysis of The War of Art and Zig Zag: The Surprising Path to Creativity

Essay #4: Materials for Fellowship, Grant or Proposal Applications

UWP 102J provides advanced instruction in writing about the arts, creativity, and performance, and practice in effective styles of communication, including multimodal, reflective, and journalistic. For our course, you will be reading essays, completing two substantive texts on creativity, writing responses and papers, and studying thinking and writing processes. UWP 102J will also help you develop a greater awareness of and control over your own writing process, and help you understand how writing can make you more thoughtful, more creative, and better prepared for the challenges that await you as a creative professional.

Instructor: Andy Jones
Office: 353 Voorhies (some appointments may take place in my administrative office in Surge II, west of the Silo)
Office Hours: Wednesdays 11-12 pm; Thursdays 9-10 am; most Sunday evenings at Crepeville, and by appointment
E-mail: aojones@ucdavis.edu (I respond to emails primarily on T, W, Th, and Sundays)
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/andyojones (the best way to reach me with a quick question)

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